Oreo | My Emotional Support Animal

Oreo | My Emotional Support Animal

If you've read my previous blog on how, Oreo's Pet Palace started then you know that I got my pet as an emotional support animal after I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I highly encourage emotional support animals. Even though, I am always in great spirits. This journey has been rough and having Oreo has made it a much more pleasant experience.

Now, don't get me wrong I still had to train him and he's still undergoing training. But, he's got me up and moving on the days when I haven't necessarily felt like it. Because, he has to go outside to use it and he still needs to be walked. He allows me to get some kind of physical activity. On my good days, I even find myself playing with him in the yard. This little dog actually brings me joy!

I think one of the best things about having Oreo is when I'm at home by myself, he keeps me company. When I'm watching TV, he's laying beside me. When I get up to walk around the house, he gets up too. When I'm running errands, he's in the car. I make sure I have his portable water/food travel dispenser. But, he has really turned into a little companion and I appreciate it. 

Oreo blends in nicely with our family. My children love him and he loves them. He gets along with my Mother's dog, "Munchie." He's become best friends with my Uncle (that's another story for another day). Literally, everyone loves him and he's having me through one of the toughest life events that I've ever experienced.

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